Our Menu


Sins of gluttony

Appetizer with our meats (bacon, cup, salami and “cotechino”), with “gras pista’” (lard with sausage, parsley and garlic) accompanied by yellow smoked polenta (cream of corn flour) and our “giardiniera” of vegetables (mixed vegetable pickleof) x 2 pax.

Cheese and mustard

"Grana padano” or “gorgonzola” cheese with mustard of apple.

Salami and polenta

Chopping board of salami accompanied by fresh “polenta” (cream of corn flour).

First Courses

Sorbir d’Agnoli

Homemade pasta stuffed with meat served in the soup.

Pan of Paccheri

Large and short pasta with tomato sauce slightly spicy.

Risotto alla mantovana

Rice risotto with sausage.

Risotto of the Drunks

Rice risotto cooked in wine “lambrusco” and toasted bacon.

Risotto al Picon

Rice risotto with small pieces of veal and marrow.

Noodles alla Baffo

Homemade noodles with meat sauce, sausage and beans.

Bigoli alla carrettiera

Homemade pasta “bigoli” flavored with tomato, toasted bacon, sausage and beans.

Bigoli with pilchard

Homemade pasta “bigoli” flavored with pilchard dissolved in olive oil and with the addition of garlic and parsley.

Pumpkin Tortelli

Pasta homemade stuffed pumpkin, “amaretti” and mustard, flavored with melted butter and sage or with tomato sauce and sausage.

Tronchetti with donkey

Short homemade egg pasta with stew-donkey.

Noodles with duck

Homemade noodles with duck sauce.

Noodles with livers

Homemade small noodles with chicken livers.

Noodles alla Sissi

Homemade noodles with sauce of fresh small tomatoes.

Second Courses

Mantua sliced beef

Beef sirloin cooked to plate with final addition of rocket and slivers of parmesan cheese.

Carbonata e polenta

Beef sirloin cooked in red wine, beer and onions accompanied by yellow smoked polenta (cream of corn flour).

Donkey with polenta

Stew-donkey accompanied by yellow smoked polenta (cream of corn flour).

Rabbit with erbs

Stew-leg rabbit with aromatic herbs and accompanied by yellow smoked polenta (cream of corn flour) .


Cooked sausage made with lean meat pork, lard, spices and herbs, accompanied by yellow smoked polenta (cream of corn flour).

Lamb with rosemary

Lamb chops sauteed with white wine, accompanied by roast potatoes.

Pike with sauce

Boiled fish dressed with vegetable sauce (capers, anchovies and peppers)

Capon salad

Capon breast lying on a bed of salad and dressed with an emulsion of mustard and mayonnaise and mixed with raisins and pine nuts.

Vegetables of the day


Mixed salad

Mashed potatoes

Roast potatoes

Red chicory of “Treviso”

Grilled vegetables (zucchini and aubergine)


Creamy Nadia

Chocolate mousse with cream and a few drops of sambuca liqueur.


Typical traditional sweet of mantova made with flour, butter, eggs and almonds.


Pudding with cream and chocolate with “savoiardi” biscuits, soaked with liquor “alchermes”.

Amaretto semifreddo

With cream, eggs and amaretti biscuits.

Chocolate Salami

With chocolate and dry biscuits.


With eggs, biscuits soaked with coffee and mascarpone cheese.

Coffe semifreddo

Coffee-tasting semifreddo.


Seasonal Fruit.